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Why Ride?

Why Ride?

3 reasons to ride: for body, brain & planet.

Future-proof your body. Cycling’s proven to offset & slow the inevitable decline in muscle mass and aerobic capacity as we age. And it can burn up to 800 calories an hour.

Expand your mind. Jump on a bike for a triple whammy of brain-enhancing benefits; learning a new skill, disconnecting your device and getting out of your comfort zone into nature.

Do your bit for the planet. Cycling’s sustainability creds are a no-brainer. Learn to leave the car at home and give your halo a polish.


Why ride with The Personal Cyclist?

  • Confidence is what we’re about; no more niggling self-doubt here. We'll teach you the skills and techniques you'll need. No question too silly.

  • Curated; we run a personal service, picking all the best bits to take out the hassle so you just need to focus on yourself.

  • Community; we love being part of a likeminded community, collaborating with the best independent cafes, shops, mechanics, hotels and therapists.

  • Carbon friendly; sustainability is the core of our business. More bikes equals less cars.

  • Comfort; we’re British Cycling accredited and outdoor first aid trained. We go at your pace and believe how you feel is more important than how you look.

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