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About The Personal Cyclist

I started the Personal Cyclist to help everyone get out on two wheels and discover the freedom of cycling in one of the best places on the planet, Yorkshire.

Want to get outside more or use your car less? Cycle-curious or looking for challenge? Daunted by busy roads or unsure where to ride safely? I wanted someone to help me answer  every question I'd been too afraid to ask when I started out, so trained with British Cycling and  help you discover your inner cyclist in a highly personalised, unintimidating way, at your pace and in your own time, no question too silly.

New to Harrogate or want to discover its hidden gems? I host bespoke, curated cycling experiences from Harrogate to discover the beauty on our doorstep; taking in stunning views and local delicacies along the way.

But it wasn't always like this; I learned to ride a bike properly in my late 30's & grew up in an un-sporty family, working for Radio 1 and representing big travel and fashion companies for over a decade.  Writing for the Telegraph about campervanning across Europe and swapping my membership of Soho House for a Caravan Club card got me hooked on adventuring - with a large side order of comfort.

I took a job with the 2012 Olympics & relocated to Yorkshire to start a family. But  the combination of kids, exhaustion and lack of confidence meant the prospect of exercise or outdoor adventure felt difficult, cold & quite frankly a hassle. So I stuck in my comfort zone of the occasional run/ spin session.

In 2015 on the back of a dare, I plucked up courage to muster a ladies' team for the Great Knaresborough Bed Race; part fancy dress pagaent, part gruelling time trial ending with a swim through the icy River Nidd. It showed me how fast a bunch of women learn, gave me a taste for group training and the confidence to learn new skills outdoors.

Watching the Tour De France Grand Depart the previous year had left me cycle curious but intimidated; it all looked a bit serious and competitive. Where to begin?  What was with all the jargon? Where to start with kit? How much to spend? A family reunion in Wales sealed the deal as I was cajoled into a cycling tutorial from my avid cyclist hubby and two young sons. It wasn't pretty but it lit a spark, bolstered by the confidence I'd found racing beds around Knaresborough.

Over the years I learned the hard way; falling off, feeling intimidated by bike shops, buying dodgy kit, petrified of punctures and getting lost a lot. But in the process I discovered cycling is more than blindly chasing Strava segments; it's pure freedom and escapism. Brilliant for our brains, bodies and the planet- and far gentler on the jowls & joints than pounding pavements.

Harrogate was the natural birthplace of the Personal Cyclist given its spa history and reputation as a global cycle hub. We work with brilliant local partners, we're passionate about enjoying the ride and can't wait to help you!


What We Do

1. Signature Experience

Discover your inner cyclist. (Re)discover your bike mojo. Step out of your comfort zone & find adventure on your doorstep. We build your confidence and open up new possibilities. Leave confident, in control and feeling fabulous.

Our flagship experience, designed to empower you on your cycling journey.


  • 1 hour pre-ride consultation, bike check & kit chat with The Personal Cyclist to understand your needs and set achievable goals, time and place to suit

  • 8 hours of private, personalised on-bike coaching, broken into chunks to suit you

  • Learn including skills & techniques at your pace

  • An engaging, supportive mix of closed road, quiet cycle paths and guided road rides

  • Experience culminates in a bespoke guided road ride based on your interests and ability, with a hand-picked coffee and cake stop along the way

  • Beautifully presented with hand-crafted Personal Cyclist goody bag to support your cycling adventures.

2. Guided rides

Want to try something different?

Personalised, curated rides for individuals and groups of all abilities, at a pace and time to suit. Discover hidden gems, soak up stunning scenery and get some fabulous photos.

New for 2023: join us at Conde Nast and AA Hotel of the Year, Grantley Hall

Ask us about bike hire (we love ebikes too).


3. Personal Cyclist Consultation

Cycle-curious but unsure where to start? We can support you from the get go. Session includes:

  • 1 hour face to face session with The Personal Cyclist

  • Meeting at a time to suit, we discuss your your cycling experience and run a prviate practical, friendly review of your ride confidence

  • We get you ride-ready; take a look at your bike and kit, offering unbiased advice to point you in the direction of great suppliers to suit your style and budget.

  • We help you set realistic goals and recommendations to get you ready to roll.

4. Group sessions

Try something new, at your pace. Leave confident, in control and comfortable.

All of our sessions are designed to bring you confidence on two wheels. Discover (or rediscover) your cycling mojo. Highlights include:

  • Nail The Basics

  • In Control

  • Ride Social

5. Spin & spa

New for Spring 2023. Click here to find out more

What We Do
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